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JCW Suspension Spring Kit - R53

JCW Suspension Spring Kit - R53

A set of 4 matched suspension springs for your MINI.

The John Cooper Works Sport Suspension for the R53 Cooper and Cooper S is designed to give ambitious, sporty drivers an exciting, yet safe driving experience. The tighter sporty chassis tuning combined with the lower ride height of the car creates a fantastic feel behind the wheel. To create an optical effect distinguishes the suspension tuning, the coil springs have a red finish.

* Increased cornering
* Improved traction
* Reduced roll angle in corners

The shorter and tighter coil springs lower the car by 10mm compared to the optional MINI Cooper S sport suspension. The reduced ride height is obviously visible, giving the car, especially in combination with the JCW Aerokit, a significantly sportier and aggressive look. Why only 10mm lower? The John Cooper Works Sport Suspension has not been developed for a smooth racetrack. It has been developed to deliver enhanced cornering speed on different road surfaces, like twisting mountain roads. That is the main reason why the car has been lowered by just 10mm. As the main development targets, it was important that even with the improved road holding, the suspension had to deliver an acceptable amount of comfort. The John Cooper Works Sport Suspension also harmonizes perfectly with the MINI DSC system. This is another unique feature of this suspension kit. Cars with aftermarket suspensions with extremely lowered ride height may lose traction on uneven surfaces which can lead to interruptions of the smooth operation of the DSC system.

To improve the steering response and get even more precise handling, we recommend the combination of the sport suspension with 18" John Cooper Works Wheels. In addition, the large wheels together with the lowered ride height deliver an impressive custom look.

Depending on the option a customer has chosen for his/her MINI, the weight differs from car to car. Given these differences, there is a benefit of the JCW Sport Suspension Kit over most aftermarket kits: The possibility to use different springs to adopt the suspension to the MINI, depending on the actual weight of the car.

A set of 4 JCW Red Sports Lowering Springs to fit to your Mini R56.

We need to order these to chassis number and spec of vehicle as there are many different spring rates for different overall weights of car eg. A sunroof weighs is approx an extra 50kg over standard so requires stiffer springs etc.

This item fits years: MINI R50/R53

416.08  ( 499.30 inc VAT )

Chassis number and spec of MINI:

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